Lyle Vol. 1

2000 (released Dec. 20, 2020) on iTunes

From about 1994 to 2000, I wrote and recorded 3 solo instrumental album collections. The album cover art for Vol. 1 is me in my home studio in Ballard WA where I recorded. Several of my musical influences of that time period are evident in this collection, such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Pat Metheny, Randy Rhodes, Jimi Hendrix, and more. I have never released any of these Volumes until now, because I figure, why not? I hope you'll enjoy this collection of my "art" and hear the passion and dedication I put into it.

Lyle Vol. 2

2001 (released January 21 2021) on iTunes

More instrumentals from back in the day.  I like how this song collection is different than Vol. 1, it’s a little calmer, more grove orientated. Also, my brother Lowell, is featured on some of these tracks playing the bass guitar.  He’s so awesome!

Lyle Vol. 3

2004 (released February 22 2021) on iTunes

But wait, there’s more! Yes, another volume of instrumentals. What can I say, I like to play!

I’m really proud of all the songs I wrote on these three volumes. All engineered, recorded, edited, and for the most part all parts played or programmed by myself. Regardless of any details in composition, arrangement, sonic qualities, etc., it’s all art, and I’m happy to share my art with you.

Banjo Favorites Vol. 1


A fun collection of some of my eclectic covers done on banjo. Recorded and produced by myself. Available at my solo gigs.

Highway 9


Original songs in the country rock genre. Written, recorded and produced by myself and Kris Wahl. Available at my solo gigs, and on iTunes.

Aurora - On The Edge


Lyle Ronglien - Guitars/Vocals/Keyboards/Percussion,
Lowell Ronglien - Bass,

Scott Hunt - Drums,

Alexanda Michele - Vocals
All songs written and arranged by Lyle Ronglien and Alexandra Michele
Produced by Lyle Ronglien, Recorded at London Bridge Studios, Seattle WA,
Engineered by Rick Parashar and Don Gilmore, Mixed by Mike Tortorello at Triad Studios, Redmond WA, Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering by Chris Bellman

Happy Hour


An instrumental CD of  popular jazz standards put to smooth jazz and sometimes funky grooves. This body of work shows off my passion for this style, and another side of my playing that I really enjoy. A perfect CD for driving music, cocktail hour around the house, or just enjoying good guitar work. Recorded and produced by myself. Available at my solo gigs.

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